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Agostino Sala works in the aluminum industry for more than 40 years. In 1981 he founded NEWPRO dedicated primarily to electrical supply for extrusion plants. In 1985 begins to design the system of isothermal extrusion, perfecting it over the years, until it reaches excellent results in more than 60 installations worldwide. In 1994 he founded S.A.I. srl Società Automazione Industriale, which collects inheritance of NEWPRO, focusing on software development and production optimization.

A few words about us

The business activities has its origins in the electrical sector with the design, construction and installation of complete or partial electrical equipment for aluminium extrusion:

  • more than 50 electrical equipments including new extrusion presses and revamping
  • more of 25 installations before and after press have been realized.
Over the years, the need to get more performance and reliable and repeatable results has encouraged the development of efficient business systems for the complete management of the production cycle (ECN), plant supervisor and ISOTHERMAL EXTRUSION (IES/TPC).

At today, the IT department has predominance in the business, with great interest in development of specific tools for the extrusion, which can effectively facilitate the achievement of excellent results in the optimization and increase of production and quality and energy savings.

  • Innovation

    Advanced systems for the optimization and production management. Our IT department designs new solutions to achieve and maintain excellent quality standards.

  • Professionalism

    Remote training and support, follow our customers after the sale and installation to monitor the use of the systems, suggesting how use at best our systems and answer any questions.

  • Efficiency

    Guaranteed and repeatable results, rapid response, proposals of customized solutions for each customer.


Offer consulting services and software more and more innovative and high performance aimed at achieving high quality standards with particular attention to the specific needs of each plant.

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